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Body Esteem Book

Body Esteem Book

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"If you or a loved one are one of the 80% of women that is dissatisfied with the way you look in the mirror, this book is a must read."


  • Overcome emotional eating
  • Develop confidence and self-efficacy
  • Find an exercise that fits your personality
  • Create your signature style
  • Eat without guilt or shame
  • Stop comparing yourself to the images of others you see on social media
  • End yo-yo dieting and restrictive eating

This innovative approach, developed by author Susan Walker, introduces the four quotients of Body Esteem:

  1. Nutrition          3.  Psychological
  2. Exercise            4.  Fashion 

Finally...Quiet the voice of your inner critic. Become your own kind of beautiful by improving your body image, appearance, and self esteem. 

*Hard Copy*

About Susan Walker, Author

Susan Walker, M.S., L.P.C. is a psychotherapist and the Clinical Director for Walker Wellness Clinic at Cooper Aerobics Center. She and her husband, Philip Walker, M.S., C.E.O. have clinics in Dallas and Houston that specialize in body image, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and stress.

Susan's passion is to share her clinical expertise on how to foster Body Esteem which is the level and degree of positiveness which you attribute to your body.